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2019 Duck Race Winners

2019 Golf Ball Winners

2018 Duck Race WINNERS

2018 Golf Ball WINNERS!

2017 Duck Race WINNERS
2017 Golf Ball WINNERS!

2016 Duck Race and
2016 Golf Ball WINNERS!

2015 Duck Race and
2015 Golf Ball WINNERS!

2014 Duck Race and
2014 Golf Ball WINNERS!

2013 Duck Race and
2013 Golf Ball WINNERS!

2012 Duck Race WINNERS!

And Golf Ball Roll Winners

2011 Duck Race & 2011 Golf Ball Winners

Congratulations to
the 2021 Candidates:

Queen Kaitlyn Ludwikowski

1st Princess Kate Hennen

2nd Princess Sylvia Rabaey

2021 Johnny Tillemans' Chili Cook-Off

The Chili Taste Test Winners were as follows:

1st Carey Doyscher

2nd Pete Doyscher

3rd Jeremy Friedrichs

The Best Booth Winners were a “tie”:

Carey Doyscher & Pete Doyscher, are a husband/wife duo who competed with separate chili recipes but shared the same booth.

2019 Winners

2018 Winners

2017 Winners

2016 Winners

Danielle Ryer

golf ball results.pdf Duck Results 21.pdf Boxelder Bug Royalty 2020-2021.pdf